CCI grows against trend Held a ceremony to decorate the businessman’s pin and celebrate the new year at the Phowijit building, grand, magnificent, worth the wait.

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CCI International Co., Ltd. sends happiness to the end of the year by organizing an event to decorate the pin of honor and the new year in a grand way using the area of the Grand Convention Room on the 4th floor of the Phowichit Building, creating an area of over 400 square meters with light, color, sound system, full LED screen, surround system, length of more than 25 meters, ready to welcome more than 200 businessmen who come to the event and ensure safety by registering through electronic systems and showing documents, confirm all vaccinations, ready to arrange an ATK checkpoints. At the front of the event, before going through the automatic hydrochories spray door,

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this year is regarded as the first honor event for businessmen in two years due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and for the first time held at the Phowichit Building. The head office comes with the concept of “BLACK TO THE LIGHT” from darkness to brightness that conveys the situation of COVID over the past 2 years, causing many businesses to but the CCI business grew like a trend. With the wide vision of Dr. Nasakhon Phowichit, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors and the successor of a young, energetic businessman with modern ideas, Dr. Nasapon Povichit, Managing Director, including the solidarity of businessmen who join together to weave business networks to grow, make it possible to build buildings new headquarters and built a commercial building, a warehouse with a total value of more than 200 million baht, as well as having a sales volume for almost 6 years, totaling 3,000 million baht.

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from success As a result, this year and the past year, more than 500 businessmen have been moved up, divided into Silver Businessmen 321 codes, Gold Businessmen 86 codes, Platinum Executive 145 codes, Sapphire Executive 36 codes, and Emerald Executive 2 codes.and Diamond Executive level 4 codes, and in addition, there is also an honorary shield, CCI Awards 2021, an excellent businessman award in 7 different fields, a total of 38 awards, which have been adorned with a pin of honor and awarded the businessman of the year on stage. honored Along with the opening show of each position that combines the graphics on the LED screen with the surround system perfectly, along with organizing the opening show “Black to the light” set, honored by Nong Prim Primpiccha Rarongkham, the heir of Somsak’s business and Mr. Laddawan Rarongkham, an important businessman who controls and is the construction engineer of the Phowijit Building.

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11 1 cciThe world’s innovative herbal marketing trend by Nasakol Povichit, which makes visitors more confident in the business system that the company has invested in and continues with the highlights of the event with Dr. Nasapon Povichit by bringing the work research and development new herbal innovation Prepare to invade the market and shake the industry next year.

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The prestigious afternoon ceremony ended with a proud and honorable impression. In the evening, the ceremony room was transformed into a banquet space for all distinguished guests to dine and celebrate the New Year in a joyful and satisfied atmosphere, as well as returning rewards to the businessmen as well. The prize draw is bigger than 300,000 baht, with 1) the grand prize this year are air ticket with accommodation and meal at a 5-star hotel in Phuket for 4 days and 3 nights, with 1 prize, 2 seats each, worth 100,000 baht. Air tickets with accommodation and meals at a 5-star hotel in Pattaya, 3 days and 2 nights, 2 seats per prize for 3 prizes. iPad Air 1 prize, and Gift Voucher 10,000 baht for 4 prizes, and gold bars for 3 prizes. Finally, congratulations to all the lucky winners and promised that we will knit our business together to grow, let 2022 be CCI’s golden year and generate sales of more than 1,000 million baht together.




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