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Overview and Background of the Company
Champ of Champ Innovation Company Limited. CCI for abbreviation.

Established on 25 May 2016, the Company believes in candor and being fair and honest to its Members following the principle of good governance.
The term "Champ of Champ" derives from the fact that Dr. Nasapon Povichit has won so many gold medal awards over other gold medal awards in research competitions. Dr. Povichit has beaten other competitors who have also won gold medals in research competitions making Dr. Povichit the one and only winner or the champ beyond other champs or what we call 'Champ of Champ' today.


Good = virtue, righteousness, fairness
Governance = to rule, to administer
Good Governance = to rule with extreme virtue, righteousness, and fairness with herbal innovation for a better life which is our mission.

Meaning of the Company's Logo
The Company's logo depicts a trophy which represents all the trophies Dr. Povichit has won. The five stars above the trophy represent the Company's 5 strengths which differ from those of other companies; The followings are our strengths:
1. The Company's products are guaranteed by international gold medal awards;
2. The Company believes in candor, being fair and honest to its Members;
3. Led by Dr. Povichit, the Company has a very competent research team which can produce world high quality products;
4. The Company has a factory that manufactures its own products which cannot be copied by any other individual;
5. The Company systematically distributes the products on its own making it the 'Champ of Champ'.

The Nature of Our Business
We answer the needs of our Members by providing them quality products with fair prices, getting rid of any unjust difference, and providing justice and equality to the Members for their own happiness and success. We also reasonably give out our cooperation to the society and maintain the environment. The shareholders receive appropriate returns. Employees are ensured of quality working life. We are also seeking partnership in order to increase our business opportunities internationally.

Champ of Champ Innovation Company Limited

ประวัติความเป็นมาของบริษัท ดีท็อกซ์ (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด

Detox Company History

Background of Detox (Thailand) Company Limited
Address: 446 Village No.4, Nam Phrae Sub-district, Hangdong District, Chiang Mai 50230

Name: Dr. Nasapol Povichit   Position: CEO/Owner
Highest Academic Level: Doctorate Degree majoring in Pharmaceutical Sciences

 Work Experiences:
2000 - present: CEO of Detox (Thailand) Company Limited
2008 - 2012: The president of Product Research and Development Institute of You Can Do Company Limited
2014 - present: CEO of Greenherb Laboratory Co., Ltd.
2016: CEO of Champ of Champ Innovation Company Limited

Brief Background of Business
1999 - The business started out as being the first in Thailand to produce detox bags.
2004 - Began to establish a herbal drink factory on a leased land.
2014 - The factory located in Baan Nam Phrae, Hangdong, Chiang Mai was established.
2016 - Detox (Thailand) Factory is 100% complete.

Established in 1999, Detox (Thailand) Company Limited was the first company in Thailand to produce detox bags replacing imports at the time. Later, the Company expanded its business by manufacturing herbal products. The manufacturing took place in a small factory located at No. 191 Suthep Road, Mueang District, Chiang Mai. The business was a huge success and the manufacturing factory then was moved to Baan Nam Phrae, Hangdong, Chiang Mai, as a result of business expansion. The factory was built in accordance with GMP standards (the construction's progress is now 90%). The Company employs a variety of scientists from Thailand and Japan; 2 of them graduated with a doctorate degree and another 3 with a master degree. The Company mainly conducts researches on herbs and develops them into products. The products are now well-known and popular among Thais and foreigners like Myanmars and Vietnameses.

 The Nature of Our Business
The Company is an expert on herbs. We have Japanese scientists who have published more than 500 international papers and 250 copyrighted works. We mostly emphasize researches on herbs. We develop them into products by extracting and isolating main substances which enable us to control the quality of the products using spectrophotometer and HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) for inspection, analysis, and confirmation of the substances used and to conduct a quantitative inspection in order to analyze the quantity of the main substances in the products. There are 3 types of products:
1. herbal drinks;
2. supplementary diets in the forms of capsules and granules;
3. cosmetics

Our Inspiration to Work on Herbs:
Thailand is very biologically diverse making its herbs unique and desirable for pharmaceutical researchers who want to develop them into a variety of medicines.

It's a wasted opportunity that Thai researchers lack unity and support when researching. They don't have the opportunity to show the uniqueness of Thai herbs. Comparatively, Korea has been promoting its famous ginseng that everyone going to Korea will think of it. Thailand has more effective herb than ginseng and it's called turmeric.

 There are more than 8,000 papers on turmeric. Every paper has acknowledged the efficiency of this important substance called Curcuminoids found in turmeric. It can be used to cure many diseases; it helps prevent antioxidants, bacteria and fungi, inflammation, multiplication of cells. It is also found to slow cell decay rate, reduce cholesterol level in blood, and can be used as medicine to cure nervous and cardiovascular diseases, spondyloarthropathy, allergies, ulcerative colitis, kidney diseases, AIDS, psoriasis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS), and lung diseases (Zhou, et al., Curr. Drug Targets. 12, 2011). The results gained from experiments conducted in test tubes, animals, and clinically in humans show some effects Curcuminoids have on curing cancer (Anand, et al., Cancer Lett. 267, 2008)

However, when practically used on patients, the results were unsatisfactory. This was because Curcuminoids in turmeric is barely water-soluble at pH7.02, only 0.0004 mg/mL preventing it from being absorbed by our bodies. Additionally, Curcuminoids has low stability; therefore, we have to water-solve the substance so that our bodies can absorb it.

 Our team, Detox (Thailand) Co., Ltd., had been putting much of our effort and time since 2011 to make Curcuminoids water-soluble. the Company achieved this goal by making it most water-soluble that the world has ever recorded: 6.4 mg/mL which is 16,000 times more water-soluble than its normal state. When develop Curcuminoids into a product, the curing effect can be quickly noticed for gastrosis, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and spondyloarthropathy.

For this research study of ours, we have registered the patent for it since 2015. We have also applied to many innovative competitions using this masterpiece research and, as a result, successfully beaten other competitors.
These are the awards we have won internationally:

1. Gold Medal awarded in “The Water Soluble Curcuminoids” 2015 International Invention and Invention Competition”, Taiwan 
2. Gold Medal awarded in “New Formulations of Curcuminoid for Antihyper Acid” 2015 International Invention Design Competition, Hong Kong
3. Diploma Special awarded in “New Formulations of Curcuminoid for Antihyper Acid” 2015 International Invention Design Competition, Hong Kong
4. Gold Medal awarded in “Water Soluble Curcuminoids for Anti-Osteoarthritis” 2016 XIX Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies “Archimedes” 
5. Diploma Certificate awarded in “Water Soluble Curcuminoids for Anti-Osteoarthritis” 2016 XIX Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies “Archimedes” from Gata Science Club 
6. Diploma Certificate awarded in “Water Soluble Curcuminoids for Anti-Osteoarthritis” XIX Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies “Archimedes” From Moscow Russia Federation
7. Trophy awarded in “Water Soluble Curcuminoids for Anti-Osteoarthritis” XIX Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies “Archimedes” From Archimedes Russia
8. Gold Medal awarded in 2016 International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, Ican Toronto international & Advance Skills
9. Gold Medal awarded from Research on Water Soluble Curcuminoids for Anti-Osetheoarthritis ในงาน Euroinvent 2017 Romania 2017
10. Special awarded in Euroinvent 2017 Romania in Poland


"...I am proud to be born on this very land of Thailand. I found that I am very lucky to be raised among the biological diversity of this region. This golden land is filled with abundance that 'even a leaf of grass can be turned into medicine'. Since then I have been putting all of my knowledge and experiences to work on herbal researches and to turn herbs into the best of the best innovation. I will create products that accurately answer to the needs of people who want to take care of their health in fair prices. I am determined to do the best I can to gather all of my best people in my organization to make our direct-sale business clean and in accordance with the principle of good governance. The administration will be carried out in a justified manner for the sake of our success and our Members' happiness as well as to create a healthy lifestyle of every human life for today and tomorrow."

Dr. Nasapol Povichit
CEO of Champ of Champ Innovation Company Limited


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